How-to Documentation

Security Manager

  1. Go to Security Manager. sample
  2. Click on the Authorize Prospects link or using the top navigation menu links, mouse over the Manage User Security link then click on the Authorize Prospects link. sample
  3. Click on the pencil that is to the left of the prospect’s information. sample
  4. On the Authorize Prospects edit screen:
    1. Enter any comments if desired. These comments will show up on the users’ profile in Manage Users once the user has been approved.
    2. Change the Security Level from “Prospect” to “Member”.
    3. Under the Group Types, it automatically defaults to the main public group on your site.
      1. If you’d like to change the user to a different group, just choose the Public group type by clicking the appropriate radio button.
    4. Select the checkbox to the right of Active to make the user active.
  5. Once Done, press the Authorize button.
  1. Go to Security Manager sample
  2. Go to Change Password. 
  3. Click on the pencil that is to the left of the login. sample
  4. Type in the password in the New Password and Re-type New Passwords fields. sample
  5. Once done, press the Save button.
  1. Go to Security Manager. sample
  2. Click “Prospect Approved Email”
  3. The following information is needed to configure the Prospect Approved Email. sample
    1. Subject - – this is the email address that will receive an email when a new user registers on your site.
    2. From Address - this is the email address that will be sending the email out to the user that is being approved for access to the website.
    3. Text - this contains the information that will be seen in the body of the email that is sent out.
  4. Once you finish making your changes, click the “Submit” button to save your changes.